AI project, starting on 19/04

AI project, starting on  19/04

Datum: 2021/04/19 ma - 2021/04/26 ma
Tijdstip:18:00 - 21:00

Leeftijd: 16+


Four workshops based on the inspiring project “Nano drone II”.

In collaboration with Enrico Miglino, author of various books for makers, writer for Shed Magazine and active for Element 14.

The official textbook of the course can be pre-ordered here

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By developing the project from scratch, the participants will learn and explore a fascinating application of AI for computer vision.
We will explain how to create a drone equipped with dedicated hardware for environmental analysis focused on agricultural monitoring.
This is a modularly designed project; meaning that the path which we will deliver is easy to be hacked. What you learn you can apply to similar scenarios in different environments and areas of application.
In detail, we will see:

  • How to use 12C camera with a Raspberry Pi for real-time image acquisition
  • On-the-fly image processing for data analysis
  • How to connect the Raspberry Pi to Arduino LoRa to send data to a ground base
  • How to connect the ground Arduino LoRa receiver to the Cypress PSoC6 for data collection
  • How to connect the Cypress PSoC6 to the Internet via a mobile hotspot to send the data to an AWS IoT gateway

This course is part of a multidisciplinary training program, FabZero: Inclusieve KET’s, organised by De Creative STEM.


For who? 16+
When? 3 monday evenings en 1 saturday morning: 19/04/2021, 26/04/2021, 03/05/2021, 08/05/2021
Allowed: maximum 12
Time: 18u00 tot 21u00; op zaterdag 10u00-13u00.
Price: 55€.
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Textbook: Codename:Nanodrone, by E. Miglino


In the EU? We prefer payment via bank transfer on BE53 9731 1736 2253 of the amount due, with message your name as given in the register form (and COUPON code if you have a reduction coupon). You can use the Global option if more convenient for you.

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The students of FabZero Ingegno Maker Space will borrow the base components needed to attend the course. It is mandatory to confirm the attendance at the four sessions and each participant must return the borrowed kit after the course.